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They identify Closed Periods when fertiliser cannot be applied to the land and consequently set out specific on farm storage capacities for high N organic livestock manures. Limits apply to the amount of nitrogen from manures including sludges, composts and industrial wastes spread across the farm in a calendar year and also to the nitrogen applied to crops in a harvest year.

As a Statutory Management Requirement for Cross Compliance failure to meet the new rules can result in a reduction in the Single Payment from the RPA. Farmwise understands how important this legislation is to the environment and to farmers and this section provides all the information needed to demonstrate compliance. More importantly it enables you to plan ahead and predict outcomes based on action you may want to take in the best interests of your business.


Features - Information contained in this section

  • Nitrogen Planning - Plan and Record all applications of nitrogen by crop and field.
  • Organic Manure - Calculate and Record the Nitrogen produced from livestock.
  • Manure Storage - Calculate and Record the Storage Capacity for organic manures.
  • Fertiliser - Calculate and Record manure applications, dates, quantities, fields.
  • Compliance - Reports for Compliance in line with the DEFRA Guidance Leaflets.

REMEMBER - We can provide an NVZ Map for you highlighting the risk areas on the farm.

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