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FarmWise has been established as a new business to provide a first class service to its customers by using recorded data to save money and time in all aspects of fertiliser use.

Our philosophy is straightforward. We expect our customers to gain more from the information provided than the cost of its use. We expect our system to deliver to you advice on all your nutrient needs based on the crops you manage, the soil you work and the livestock you keep. We specialise in fertiliser agronomy data.

We understand how important it is that nutrients are kept in balance for the benefit of crop uptake and yield. We match your farm records to the latest published recommendations in the Fertiliser Manual (RB 209) and allow you to amend the results to suit your individual needs. The system can use specific analysis and test results to further improve the efficiency of the figures.

We also understand the pressures of environmental pollution and control and we have included a NVZ section which provides all the entries required for compliance with the Regulations in accordance with the Guidance Leaflets issued by DEFRA.  In order to save you time most calculations and Compliance Reports are generated automatically once the data is entered. 


Farmwise Features

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