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The Farm and Field Records section allows you to enter and store these details and uses the data to give you valuable and accurate information regarding NVZ compliance and Fertiliser use at the click of a button.

This section has been designed to enable you to carry all the essential data related to your business in one file free of unnecessary paper. New entries, editing existing records and a range of reports can be done with a few clicks of the mouse. The only paperwork generated is what you want, when you need it, in the form that you find most useful for your farm.

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Features - Information contained in this section

  • Account Details - Farm Name and Address, User Name(s) and Password(s).
  • Test Details - Soil Analysis, SNS, Grain N and Manure Sampling .
  • Cropping Details - All types of arable cereals and grassland, planned and actual.
  • Livestock Details - Group, Type, Number, Imports and Exports, Housing.
  • Manure Details - Type, Quantity, Storage, Imports and Exports.
  • Fertiliser Details - Organic and 'Bag' fertiliser applications, planned and actual.
  • Spray Applications - Details of spray applications for Cross Compliance.

REMEMBER - You can use the farm and field records at any time to suit you to create information you need to prepare or adjust your farm management plans.

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