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ADVICE - Farm agronomy has primarily been associated with chemical sprays. The increasing importance of Crop Production in future agricultural policy, maintenance of soil quality and environmental controls now requires more specialist knowledge on the use and application of all types of fertilisers from Advisers. Add in the volatile nature of input costs and this advice plays a major role in improving the profitability of the farm.

REGULATIONS - The NVZ Regulations impose controls on nitrates in agriculture across nearly 70% of the agricultural land in England. The Water Framework Directive is likely to impose similar audit controls, voluntary or regulatory to the use of Phosphates.

NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT PLANNING - The benefits of modern NMP are to reduce input costs, increase yields and ultimately add profit to the farm. In order to maximise growth and yields all the major nutrients must be balanced. Knowledge of the soil and analysis of grain and organic manures is essential to accurate fertiliser decisions. In grassland systems there is no point in producing more herbage than can be used efficiently; the quality of silage has a big influence on milk yields in dairy cows and liveweight gain in beef cattle and sheep.

RECOMMENDATIONS - FarmWise software produces grassland recommendations using the new system based approach in the Fertiliser Manual. Regular use can produce fertiliser savings of £15 - £20 per ha or more.



  • Efficiency - Computer speed, capacity and 24/7 access.
  • Simplicity - Easy to use recording and planning tools.
  • Accuracy - The latest data to ensure not a £ is wasted.
  • Profitability - Designed to save you cost and add value to your farm.

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Alan Dorn

Alan Dorn MBPR (Fert) - Director